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Tools for Detecting Cell Surface and Intracellular Markers

Immune cells in heterogeneous samples are frequently identified based on the expression of specific cell surface and intracellular markers. ​Immune cells can be split into four primary categories based on surface proteins, including neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, and basophils and eosinophils. These are usually involved in either the innate or adaptive immune response. 

Bio-Techne offers a versatile and innovative set of tools for identifying and characterizing different immune cell types and cell type-specific subsets based on the analysis of protein or RNA marker expression.

Flow Cytometry

We offer a wide selection of fluorochrome-conjugated or unconjugated antibodies qualified for flow cytometry that can be used to detect specific markers expressed by different immune cell types.

Flow Cytometry Products

Flow Cytometry Cell

Mass Cytometry

Utilize our CyTOF-reported and CyTOF-ready antibodies for multiparameter immune cell profiling by mass cytometry. With this technique, you can detect over 30 cellular targets simultaneously on a single cell without the need for fluorescence compensation.​

Antibodies for CyTOF®​

Single-Cell Westerns

Measure protein expression in thousands of single cells in a single run, for up to 12 targets per cell using single-cell Westerns on Milo™. Milo can be utilized to help alleviate many of the common problems encountered with flow cytometry experiments including potentially limited target accessibility, poor antibody quality, and off-target antibody binding affecting reproducibility of the data. Additionally, it can be used to confirm single-cell RNA sequencing data at the protein level.

An Innovative Approach for Single-Cell Protein Analysis

Learn more about the advantages of ProteinSimple® single-cell Westerns on Milo.

  • Utilize a variety of multiplexing strategies to measure up to 12 proteins per cell
  • Eliminates the need to fix and permeabilize cells, making it easier to detect intracellular proteins
  • Offers increased assay flexibility by using conventional Western blot antibodies
  • Includes a size-based separation step prior to antibody probing to provide molecular weight and antibody specificity information that will give you confidence in the accuracy of target detection
  • Automated data analysis with Scout software
  • Quantitative results in <5 hours
Single-Cell Westerns on the Milo Instrument

In Situ Hybridization Assays

The RNAscope In Situ Hybridization (ISH) Assays offer an innovative solution for spatially mapping and quantifying specific RNAs in individual intact cells and tissues. This technology is particularly useful when your target is either a novel gene with no commercial antibody available, a secreted molecule that requires identifying the cellular source, a viral pathogen that requires specific strain or stand detection, or a non-coding RNA.

Learn more about the RNAscope In Situ Hybridization (ISH) Assays from Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD).

  • Highly sensitive and specific, single RNA molecule detection in the tissue context at single-cell resolution
  • Proprietary probe design ensures target specific binding while preventing signal amplification of non-specific hybridization
  • Totally universal, works for virtually any gene from any species in any tissue
  • Can be combined with immunohistochemistry to investigate mRNA and protein co-expression
In Situ Hybridization Assays