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Viral Vectors in Cell and Gene Therapy

Viral vectors are crucial to the development and manufacturing of many cell and gene therapies by facilitating successful gene delivery. Comprehensive characterization of these viral vectors through measurement of specific critical quality attributes (CQAs), such as purity and stability, is vital for ensuring the safety and efficacy of your therapy.

By moving to automated solutions for viral vector analysis, you can gain rapid insights and streamline QC processes for cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing.

Discover multi-attribute platforms for adeno-associated virus (AAV) and lentiviral vector analysis below, or if you are seeking alternative gene delivery methods, learn more about our non-viral transposon system, TcBuster™.

AAV Vector Characterization

Explore streamlined characterization through automated, analytical multi-attribute solutions to expedite QC processes and ensure precise quantification and characterization of adeno-associated viral vectors.

Lentiviral Vector Characterization

Lentivirus is widely used to transduce HEK cells for engineered immune cell therapies, such as CAR-T and CAR-NK, and as a viral vector for gene therapy. With increasing application in in vivo and ex vivo gene delivery for various genetic diseases, the qualification of clinical-grade lentiviral vectors (LVVs) must adhere to stringent manufacturing and quality standards. Make the move to automated analytical solutions to streamline QC testing and provide thorough lentivirus characterization faster.

Lentiviral Vector
HIV Gag p24 Assay for measuring lentiviral titer

Lentiviral Titer Determination

Accurately quantify lentivirus titer in less than 90 minutes with the Simple Plex™ HIV p24 Assay. This automated assay minimizes user error, making it an ideal tool for quality-focused, standardized, and scalable processes in GMP environments.

Simple Plex HEK 293 host cell protein (HCP) Assay vs. Cygnus HEK 293 HCP ELISA

Residual Host Cell Protein Quantitation

Assess purity with the Simple Plex HEK 293 Host Cell Protein (HCP) 3G Assay, co-developed with industry leader Cygnus. Combining the accuracy of a Cygnus ELISA with a streamlined workflow, this assay ensures precise detection at each purification stage. 

LVV Identity Data Figure

Comprehensive LVV Characterization

Automate LVV characterization with a multi-attribute platform for analyzing CQAs, such as identity and titer. Maurice™ combines CE-SDS and ciEF to overcome the limitations of manual techniques and deliver comprehensive LVV analysis in record time.

Lentiviral vector capsid content analysis using Simple Western

Quantify LVV CQAs in Complex Samples

Characterize your LVVs further upstream with Simple Western™. Simultaneously measure multiple LVV CQAs, including viral titer, stability, purity, and capsid content, in cell lysates and tissue homogenates. Get the information you need early on for smarter process development.