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Pan Caspase Inhibitor Z-VKD-FMK Biotinylated

R&D Systems, Inc. a Bio-Techne Brand

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Pan Caspase Inhibitor Z-VKD-FMK Biotinylated
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FAQs for Pan Caspase Inhibitor Z-VKD-FMK Biotinylated

  • Does R&D Systems offer a negative control for Caspase Inihibitors with benzyloxycarbonyl group (Z-) at the N-terminus and the FMK functional group at the C-terminus?

    Yes, R&D Systems offers Caspase Inhibitor Control Z-FA-FMK, Catalog # FMKC01, which is an inhibitor of cathepsins B and L but not caspases, and has been used in several systems as a negative control for peptide inhibitors of caspases.

  • Are R&D Systems Caspase Inhibitors irreversible?

    Yes, the majority of R&D Systems Caspase Inhibitors have a Fluoromethyl ketone (FMK) functional group on the C-terminus of the peptide, and act as effective irreversible inhibitors with no added cytotoxic effects. Inhibitors synthesized with a benzyloxycarbonyl group (also known as BOC or Z) at the N-terminus and O-methyl side chains exhibit enhanced cellular permeability.R&D Systems also offers a General Caspase Inhibitor, Q-VD-OPh, Catalog # OPH001, as well as a FITC-conjugated pan-caspase inhibitor (ApoStat), Catalog # FMK012, which are both cell-permeable, irreversible inhibitors of caspase activity.

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