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BAM (8-22)

Catalog # 1763 | Tocris Bioscience a Bio-Techne Brand
Potent MRGPRX1 agonist
Potent MRGPRX1 agonist
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Description: Potent MRGPRX1 agonist
Purity: ≥95% (HPLC)
Molecular Weight: 1971.22

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  • Excellent In vivo and ex vivo activity with miminal lot variation
    Name: Jeff Guo
    Species: Mouse
    Assay Type: Ex Vivo
    Cell Line/Tissue: Dorsal Root Ganglia
    Demonstrates excellent bio-activity and virtually free of batch/lot-effects in both in vivo mouse behavioral assays (low mM concentrations) and ex vivo calcium imaging assays (low μM concentrations). Highly recommended to minimize variation, for critical assays, and for generating publication quality data.Attached image shows representative calcium response of ex vivo dorsal root ganglia in response to bath applied 10 μM BAM 8-22. Image is composite of GCaMP3 fluorescence intensity over 180 seconds, after baseline subtraction, with contract and brightness adjustments to improve image clarity.
    BAM (8-22) Serum 1763

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