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Simple Plex Mouse IL-6 Cartridge

Simple Plex Cartridge Kit containing IL-6 for use with Mouse CCS/Plasma/Serum. Includes wash buffer and sample diluent. For use with the Ella automated immunoassay system.
Simple Plex Cartridge Kit for 16 samples, 1 analyte for use with Mouse Plasma / Serum.
Mouse IL-6 Simple Plex Assay Standard Curve
Mouse IL-6 Simple Plex Assay Linearity
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Sample Type & Volume Required Per Well: Mouse Cell Culture Supernates (25 uL), Mouse Serum (25 uL), Mouse EDTA Plasma (25 uL), Mouse Heparin Plasma (25 uL)
Sensitivity: 0.6 pg/mL
Assay Range: 0.6 - 5,770 pg/mL (Mouse Cell Culture Supernates, Mouse Serum, Mouse EDTA Plasma, Mouse Heparin Plasma)
Simple Plex Mouse IL-6 Cartridge Summary: Simple Plex assay for the detection of mouse IL-6 in cell culture supernatant (CCS), serum, and plasma (EDTA/Heparin)

*The Sample Volume represented is based on the amount of sample incorporated into the reaction after taking into account the assay’s minimum required dilution for a given matrix.  Serial dilution may be necessary to achieve some of the final sample volumes represented.

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