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Custom Simple Plex™ Assay Panels

Bio-Techne includes ProteinSimple | Catalog # SPCK-PANEL

Build your own multi-plex biomarker immunoassay panel for Ella™. Highly precise and reproducible. Choose from more than 250 fully validated target analytes.

Key Product Details

Features: Customize and order Simple Plex cartridges made to specifically meet your needs with custom Simple Plex assay panels for the Ella platform. The online Simple Plex Panel Builder tool lets you easily configure assay panels for the matrix of your choice. Choose from a menu of more than 250 validated assays spanning a variety of species and a variety of flexible cartridge size options. 
Key Benefits:
  • Save time and sample volume with assay panels customized for your study
  • Easy to use Panel Builder tool ensures Ella assay panel compatibility
  • Meet the throughput requirements of your study with flexible cartridge size options
Custom Simple Plex Assay Panel

Customize Your Simple Plex Cartridge

Create your custom Simple Plex cartridge for up to 8 targets. Choose from more than 250 targets across multiple species.

Product Documents for Custom Simple Plex™ Assay Panels

Certificate of Analysis

Please enter the 6-digit part number and the lot number in the fields below. For Simple Plex Cartridges, the part number is the last 6 digits of the product code, e.g., 000126 is the part number in SPCKB-PS-000126.