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FluorChem R System

FluorChem R System - Do more with less
I'm tired of doing multiple exposures with film to get the images I need
My proteins are close in molecular weight, and I need to be able to differentiate between them on a single blot
I need to do analyses like densitometry and total protein normalization

Do more with less

Satisfy everyone in your lab with an imager that does it all—and takes the complication out of getting reliable, fully analyzed data too! Meet the FluorChem™ R system. - Detect faint and bright bands in your western blots without oversaturating a single exposure - Multiplex with RGB and Infrared fluorescence technology, and much more with FluorChem R

FluorChem Western Blot Imaging Systems


See those tiny, hard to detect bands on a 10.4 inch screen with a whopping 8.3 megapixel CCD camera.

Easy to Use

Who says you have to be in the lab to image your Westerns? Control the system and access your data from just about anywhere using browser-based Digital Darkroom software.


Built-in IR and RGB light sources gets you crisp, clear images every time—regardless of your application.

More Information About FluorChem R System

Feature Description
Dynamic Range Up to 65,536 grayscale
Field of View 16 cm x 12 cm maximum
Detector 8.3 megapixel, scientific-grade CCD, 16-bit A/D, thermo-electrically cooled to -30 °C absolute and regulated, 5-minute cool-down time
Optics 50-mm, f/1.4 motorized fixed lens
Light Sources IR and RGB fluorescent LED epi-excitation: 747, 632, 534 and 475 nm
302 nm UV transilluminator(365 nm optional)
Epi - white lights
Trans - white light via white light conversion screen
Emission Filters 10-position motorized filter wheel
835 nm filter
710 nm filter
607 nm filter
593 nm filter
537 nm filter
Computer Integrated computer with 10.4-inch LCD touch screen, 480 GB solid-state hard drive
Software Digital Darkroom software and AlphaView Stand Alone Analysis software
Size 32 cm W x 62 cm D x 62 cm H
Weight 34 kg (75 lb)
Power 100-230V AC, 345 W
Certifications CE, TUV