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FluorChem M System

FluorChem M System - Do more with less
I'm tired of doing multiple exposures with film to get the images I need
My proteins are close in molecular weight, and I need to be able to differentiate between them on a single blot
I need to do analyses like densitometry and total protein normalization

Do more with less

Stop throwing away bad images and squinting to see bands! The FluorChem™ M system offers true application flexibility with the smoothest software you'll ever use. - Get crisp, clear western blot images and eliminate the need to do multiple exposures with FluorChem M. - Detect faint and bright bands on your western blots.

FluorChem Western Blot Imaging Systems

See Everything

Crisp, clear images with a whopping 8.3 megapixel CCD resolution and automatic settings optimization.

Do Everything

Satisfy everyone in your lab with built-in RGB LEDs, UV and white light sources for full apps flexibility.

Go Everywhere

Get the right picture, right away with unique one-step Digital Darkroom software. Access and analyze your data from any computer, anywhere.

More Information About FluorChem M System

Feature Description
Dynamic Range Up to 65,536 grayscale
Field of View 16 cm x 12 cm maximum
Detector 8.3 megapixel, scientific-grade CCD, 16-bit A/D, thermo-electrically cooled to -30 °C absolute and regulated, 5-minute cool-down time
Optics 50-mm, f/1.4 motorized fixed lens
Light Sources RGB fluorescent epi-excitation: 632 nm red, 534 nm green and 475 nm blue LEDs
302 nm UV transilluminator(365 nm optional)
Epi - white lights
Trans - white light via white light conversion screen
Emission Filters 10-position motorized filter wheel
710/40 nm filter
607/36 nm filter
593/40 nm filter
537/26 nm filter
Computer Integrated computer with 10.4-inch LCD touch screen, 480 GB solid-state hard drive
Software On-board Digital Darkroom for remote access, operation and analysis by any web-browser enabled computer or device. AlphaView for standalone Windows PC analysis.
Size 62 cm D x 62 cm H x 32 cm W
(24.5 in x 24.5 in x 12.6 in)
Weight 34 kg (75 lb)
Power 100-230V AC, 345 W
Certifications CE, TUV