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Struggling to Find a Good Flow or Mass Cytometry Antibody?

Are you lacking a good flow or mass cytometry antibody against your protein target(s) of interest?

Milo is an open platform that uses conventional Western antibodies for analysis, giving you access to the large commercial catalog that is 10-100x larger than the flow antibody catalog. Stop struggling to find high-quality flow-validated antibodies against all of your protein targets! Save time by eliminating the painful process of conjugating & validating mass cytometry antibodies! Plus, Milo provides molecular weight information so you don’t have to worry about antibody specificity anymore.

Use Western Antibodies

  • Stop Struggling to find good flow antibodies
  • Eliminate the need to create and validate custom mass cytometry antibodies
  • Improve detection specificity by resolving off-target antibody binding
  • Use standard Western antibodies from the large commercial catalog
ProteinSimple Milo Instrument for single cell simple western

Want to learn more about Milo?

Watch the video and see how Milo can automate 1,000 single cell separations in just 4 hours.

Download our application note to learn how Milo was used to measure heterogeneity of methylated histone expression — a class of proteins that is critical in regulating gene expression but challenging to measure with flow cytometry owing to a lack of good flow antibodies and tight packaging into nucleosomes that makes antibody binding difficult.

Learn how Milo can solve common flow cytometry and FACS workflow challenges.