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Western Blots (still) Suck

Jess vs Western Blot Header


Traditional Westerns are as much an art form as they are a technical tool. They're rarely reproducible, they can take years to master and after you worked out the conditions they work beautifully until they don't, leaving you sad and wondering what went wrong.


Let Us Introduce You to Jess.


Jess separates proteins by size, and precisely manages immunoprobing, incubations, washes and even detection steps by removing the manual, error-prone steps in standard western blots. Simply load your sample, antibodies and reagents, insert plate and cartridge into Jess, and press go. Come back to fully analyzed results in 3 hours, not 3 days.



Characterize post transduction protein expression using automated Simple Western machine Jess



How Does Jess Compare to Traditional Westerns?


  • She's quantitative

  • She can handle your throughput

  • She only needs 3 µL of sample

  • And best of all, she's fast

Jess vs Western Blotting Infographic


Want to Learn More about Jess?


Watch the video and see how Jess can process up to 25 samples in 3 hours with just 3 µL of sample per capillary. The short video shows the step by step process, from sample loading to signal detection.

If you're curious about pricing, just send us your request.