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Be Confident In Your Process and Product

Does your process consistently produce a high yield of a high-quality product? Even if your answer is yes – it could be better! With our selection of flexible and fully-integrated solutions, you can easily check for antigen specificity, critical epitopes of mAbs, binding to Fc receptors, enzymatic activity and more. Getting reliable results, top-notch data quality and access to expert support means you can rest assured that your therapeutic product is as expected.

Protein Bioprocessing: we offer a selection of flexible and fully-integrated solutions for your workflow.

Are You On Target For Antibody Specificity?

When you need to confirm that your antibody can recognize its target and are fed up with variable data, our Immunoassay Services can make it easy for you.

Precision, recovery, linearity and sensitivity can be yours without lifting a finger – by combining world class expertise with extensively tested and qualified materials, we deliver tailored and optimized Quantikine ELISA kits that work for you.

Don’t just take our word for it – our Quantkine ELISA kits are the most referenced ELISA kits on the market!

Multiplex With Luminex®

Building a comprehensive picture of immune response doesn’t have to be complicated – and it doesn’t have to deplete your resources. Multiplexing with Luminex from Bio-Techne brand R&D Systems means you can enjoy the data quality of ELISA and qPCR but with greater efficiency and throughput – saving you time, money and sample.

Discover R&D Systems' Ready-to-Run or Custom Built Luminex Panels
Simple Western instruments

The Simple Western Instrument Family

Simple Screening with Simple Western

Characterize your product directly in complex samples using only 3 µL of sample. No sample cleanup required. Combining CE-SDS/cIEF with antibody-based immunodetection using Simple Western™ is more sensitive than traditional CE-SDS/cIEF with native fluorescence detection. Plus, Simple Western provides accurate, quantitative results you won’t get with ELISA or Western blot, and results are ready in just 3 hours. 

Protein A Impurity

With so many impurities to measure, make protein A simple with a 1-step sample pre-treatment assay.

Protein crystal structure
ProteinSimple instrument Ella for fully automated ELISAs.

The Next Generation ELISA...

ELISA is the gold standard for measuring protein impurities, so why settle for ELISA experiments that keep giving you less than optimal results? With automation, you can say goodbye to inconsistent manual results – and save time in the process!

Take your ELISA’s to the next level with Ella. In just 90 minutes, she’ll deliver you highly reproducible, validated assay data with no manual steps. Low impurity concentration? Ella’s got you covered with sub-picogram sensitivity and 4+ logs of dynamic range.

Binding Assays

To Bind or Not To Bind?

If you’re asking whether your antibody shows the right binding - or lack thereof - we’ve got the answer! Confirm that the constant region of your therapeutic monoclonal antibody shows the right binding to specific Fc receptors with:

  • Fc Receptor Proteins
  • Fc Receptor Antibodies
  • Antibody-Protein Pairs
Protein Crystallization

Get Familiar with Biosimilars

Do you need anti-idiotype (anti-IDs) antibodies that are specifically designed to detect your unique biosimilar? Confirming the critical epitopes of your therapeutic monoclonals is made simple with our custom anti-IDs.

Biosimilars Antibodies

Take Control of Biosimilar Development

An off-the-shelf format that’s scalable to bulk make our custom-made biosimilar antibodies perfect controls for your biosimilar development.

Bulk bioprocessing reagents

Biologic Bioactivity

Protein Bioprocessing: discover the bioactivity of your biologics with our range of solutions.

What's The Bioactivity of Your Biologic?

From proliferation and cellular differentiation to chemotaxis and cytokine induction, our cell-based assays can measure it all.

If you’re interested in a specific enzyme, check out our rigorously tested enzymatic assays – covering everything from proteases and their inhibitors, kinases and phosphatases, glycosyltransferases, lipid metabolism enzymes, oxidases and oxygenases, and much, much more!

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our extensive portfolio? Speak with our dedicated scientists and we can work together to deliver on your specific needs!


Explore More with Enzymes...

Spanning applications such as gene modification, glycan analysis and downstream processing, find fully-scalable, high-quality enzymes with lot-to-lot consistency here. These include the widest selection of glycosidases and glycosyltransferases on the market including PNGase F, Endo F1, F3, O-Glycosidase, and more.


Delve Even Further with Exosome Diagnostics

Check your cell processes are running smoothly with Exosome Diagnostics. Do away with invasive monitoring techniques and get exosome encased DNA, RNA and proteins isolated directly from your cell media or biofluid.

Find out more about how Exosome Diagnostics can help you get the answers you need.

As Cool as iCE

When getting cIEF and CE-SDS characterization is putting your plans on ice, speed your workflow back up with iCE technology.

If you need reproducible, quantitative analysis of identity, purity, and heterogeneity profiles for your in-process samples, you need to meet Maurice and iCE3.

The iCE-ing on the cake? You hardly need to lift a finger… Maurice delivers you full on automation and you’ll get high-resolution purity, identity and charge heterogeneity results in 15 minutes or less per sample!

iCE and Maurice instruments

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