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Sail Through Stress Testing

Finding the right formulation that keeps your therapeutic stable, prevents aggregation and prohibits impurity formation can amount to a lot of your time in the lab. By automating your workflow, you can sail through stress testing and quickly identify the optimum temperature, pH, and excipients for your perfect buffer.

With all this added pace, you might worry about the integrity of your results – but there’s no need. Each of our platforms operates in a bioprocessing environment with 21 CFR Part 11- compliant software - so you can be confident about compliance.

scientist testing in a lab
ProteinSimple Maurice instrument

Optimize Your Formulation Faster

Which buffer’s best? Finding the conditions that keep your protein stable isn’t exactly simple, but our instrument solutions help you narrow it all down faster. Got multiple molecules? Our platforms mean you can develop a platform method for multiple processes – in a single day.

Maurice™ instruments perform automated cIEF and CE-SDS analyses. Maurice can run up to 100 samples/run at 6-10 minutes each for cIEF charge assay, and up to 48 samples/run at 25-35 minutes each for CE-SDS size assay.

Aggravated by Aggregation?

Analyzing protein aggregation gives you great insight into your therapeutic’s stability – but size exclusion chromatography can’t always see them. The MFITM 5000 Series™ allows you to detect aggregates that are translucent and in the sub-visible range – from 1 μm to 100 μm – giving you more information from the get-go.

Take the aggravation out of aggregation and get it done, fast! MFI can analyze up to 90 samples/run and up to 150 µL/minute at 900,000 particles/mL.

ProteinSimple Micro-Flow-Imaging instrument
ProteinSimple Jess instrument

Banish Sample Cleanup

You need to check the effect of buffer composition on your proteins and charge variants, but is concentrating and desalting your samples slowing down your workflow? What if we told you that you could do-away with sample clean-up and improve the pace of analysis?

Check your therapeutic protein with resolving power that eclipses size-exclusion chromatography and cIEF. Simple Western™ Systems allow you to automate western blots on up to 96 samples for quick and accurate size and charge separation – and there’s no extra prep for high salt or low concentration samples.

With additional features such as charge separation to assess post-translational modifications, chemiluminescent and fluorescent immunoassays up to 1000x more sensitive than absorbance-based methods, and total protein detection for bioprocess contaminant analysis, Simple Western makes formulation… simple!


Are you getting experimental consistency?

Check your cells are performing how they’re supposed to in your optimized formulation with Exosome Diagnostics. Do away with cell or tissue-based analysis and isolate exosome material directly from your cell media.

Find out more how Exosome Diagnostics exosome analysis can help in your protein bioprocessing workflow.