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Webinar: The iCE Platform, an Excellent Tool for Fast and Efficient Process Development, Product Control and Product Comparability

Webinar Summary

In today's competitive biopharmaceutical environment, fast and efficient product and process development is critical to a new drug’s success. One of the key product attributes monitored as an indicator for both process and product control is the Charge Variant Profile (CVP).

Combining automation, fast analysis times, high resolution separation and a robust instrument platform has allowed iCIEF to become the tool of choice for charge variant analysis throughout the product's lifecycle. This presentation will review critical analytical activities during drug development and emphasize the impact of iCIEF on overall development resources.

Dr. Felten will be joined by fellow CE industry experts David Michels, PhD (Genentech) and Zoran Sosic, PhD (Biogen Idec) who will discuss their experiences implementing iCIEF in their organizations.



Chantal Felten, Ph.D.

David Michels, Ph.D., Genentech

Zoran Sosic, Ph.D., Biogen-Idec