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Webinar: 3rd Bio-Techne Targeted Protein Degradation Symposium

Webinar Summary

Our 3rd Targeted Protein Degradation Symposium covered some of the hottest science from this exciting field and included talks on antiviral PROTACs, a clinical candidate Degrader of BRD9, the BromoTag® degradation platform, degraders targeting the CBP/p300 lysine acetyltransferases, new cereblon-recruiting warheads for PROTAC® design and the first public presentation of the new CoraFluor TR-FRET probes for TPD assays.



Targeted Protein Degradation as an Antiviral Strategy
Prof. Priscilla Yang
Professor, Stanford University

Strategies to Chemically Modulate Enhancers: Degraders of the CBP/p300 Lysine Acetyltransferases
Dr. Christopher Ott
Assistant Professor and Director, MGH
Center for Molecular Therapeutics, Harvard Medical School

Development of BromoTAG: A New Ligand Inducible Degron System
Adam Bond
PhD candidate, Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation -
University of Dundee
Dr. Conner Craigon
PDRA, Ciulli Lab, Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation -
University of Dundee

Just Wait for It – CoraFluor-Enabled TR-FRET Assay Strategies for Facile PROTAC Profiling
Dr. Ralph Mazitschek
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Here is Why We Use Phenyl Glutarimide (PG) as an Alternative Cereblon-Directing Warhead for PROTACs
Dr. Zoran Rankovic
Director, CBT Chemistry Centers, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The Discovery and Characterization of CFT8634: A Potent and Selective Degrader of BRD9 for the Treatment of SMARCB1-Perturbed Cancers
Dr. Kate Jackson
Senior Director of Chemistry, C4 Therapeutics