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Webinar: Tackling the Challenges of Human Disease and Vaccine Research with Simple Western

Webinar Summary

Whether you are working with limited amounts of precious samples or bound by industry regulations requiring the detection of impurities in your end product, you have high expectations when it comes to sensitivity and reproducibility in the assays you run every day. Traditional techniques haven't exactly gotten you there because they are not only tedious but labor intensive and deliver data that is semi-quantitative at best—they also lack reproducibility and specificity.

Ready for a change? The Simple Western™ is a fully-automated assay that delivers sensitivity and reproducibility in a gel-free, blot-free and hands-free way. It is the complete reinvention of the traditional Western blot. Simple Western allows you to answer complex biological questions in protein research by offering highly reproducible quantitative data which ultimately addresses the challenges of other protein analysis techniques.

In this live webinar, speakers will describe a range of applications utilizing the Simple Western technology to overcome their research challenges and get the answers they need.

Chris Esapa, PhD. will open the discussion by presenting his first-hand experiences on the challenges of his projects in quantifying protein expression levels using traditional Western blot analysis due to availability of only minute amounts of tissues or lack of suitable reagents and technological platforms. Simple Western is helping in the study of molecular mechanisms using models of human disease enabling them to answer crucial scientific questions in disease processes relating to pathway analysis, and the role of post-translational modification such as phosphorylation, which is central to several of their research programs.

John Loughney will follow with a presentation on his vaccine development project hindered by the limitations of ELISA assays. He will describe how Simple Western has allowed his team to detect specific impurities in vaccine process purification with additional specificity by size separation and increased precision and reduced analyst bench work.

Lastly, you'll hear from the Simple Western product manager herself, Dr. Patricia Piatti on the latest Simple Western applications that will extend the Simple Western capabilities to new levels. You won't want to miss this!



Chris Esapa, PhD., Head of Protein Core Facility, Mammalian Genetics Unit, MRC Harwell

John Loughney, Scientist, Merck

Patricia Piatti, Ph.D., Simple Western Product Manager, ProteinSimple