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Webinar: Achieving Robust Fit-for-Purpose Analytical Workflows that Streamline Cell & Gene Therapy Development

Webinar Summary

Expeditious development, manufacturing, and commercialization of cell and gene therapies require robust, fit-for-purpose analytical workflows. Often, a series of instruments are needed to meet the demand for efficient production of high-quality therapeutics, including viral vectors and cell populations. As a result, cell and gene therapy workflows become increasingly complex, impeding translation into the clinic. Simple Western, a capillary electrophoresis immunoassay, is a solution capable of enhancing and simplifying complex workflows across development.

In this webinar, we discuss how Simple Western provides quantitative protein measurements in a reproducible, fully automated, and high-throughput format. Specifically, we demonstrate that Simple Western can dramatically accelerate time to answer for several critical quality attributes (CQAs) including viral vector purity, identity, stability, and potency. In addition, we showcase the range of Simple Western applications across development, clinical trials, and manufacturing of cell and gene therapies.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to measure multiple viral vector CQAs on the same instrument
  • How to monitor signaling pathways during iPSC differentiation
  • How Simple Western assays can be easily and reliably transferred between departments, company sites, and CROs
  • How Simple Western is used across cell and gene therapy development, including in clinical trials and analytical development/quality control

Presented by:

Ioannis (John) Eugenis, PhD
Product Manager, Bio-Techne

Ioannis (John) Eugenis is a Product Manager within the ProteinSimple brand of Bio-Techne. He leads the applications strategy of ProteinSimple’s flagship Simple Western product line and Single-Cell Western instruments. John received his PhD in Bioengineering at Stanford University, where he specialized in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.