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Webinar: Still Think Westerns Are Just Qualitative?

Webinar Summary

Traditional Western blotting produces major challenges that researchers face on a daily basis—unreliable data, delayed time to results, reduced productivity and, ultimately, more costly research programs.

Researchers WANT more when it comes to doing their research. The Simple Western™ platform is the modern evolution of traditional immunoassay techniques. The fully automated system can generate from 12 to 96 data points in a single experiment, handling low, medium or high throughput needs. Automation also removes variability, so results are more reproducible run to run, between users and over time. Since a blotting step is not performed, protein transfer inconsistencies are eliminated, providing more consistent and quantitative results. Removing all the manual steps saves valuable time that can be utilized for more important things. Since fully analyzed results are ready in less than 19 hours, experimental decisions can also be made much sooner.

Now, Researchers can DO more with Simple Western.



Patricia Whaley, Ph.D., Product Manager, Simple Western, ProteinSimple