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Webinar: Improving Western Blot Reproducibility: Antibodies to Automation

Webinar Summary

Western blotting uses antibodies to identify individual proteins within a cell or tissue lysate. It is an important life sciences technique that involves many steps. When done well Western blotting delivers useful information to the researcher. Good results can, at times, be challenging. Sourcing quality reagents and finding ways to avoid repeating experiments is essential. This webinar offers insights into the tips and tricks that can help you generate better Western blot data and will discuss advances that have allowed the automation of protein separation and immunodetection of traditional Western blotting.

In this webinar you will:

  • Find out about the steps and procedures involved in Western blotting.
  • Hear about tips and tricks to improve your Western blotting.
  • Learn the keys to antibody selection and recent advances in automation.


Paul Joseph, Technical Consultant, R&D Systems

Jessica Dermody, Director R&D Science, ProteinSimple