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Webinar: Strengthening Dose-Response Relationships in Drug Development with Simple Western

Webinar Summary

Selecting the appropriate drug concentration and frequency requires careful study of the relationship between a drug’s dose and the intended effect. From a simplistic view, it’s like what Goldilocks discovered in the cabin: if you don’t receive enough drug there’s little to no effect and if too much drug is given, the patient may experience toxicity or worse. Careful dose-response studies to understand the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a compound are a critical step of drug development and rely on quantitative protein analysis techniques that provide accurate measures of protein abundance following varying dose of a drug.


Simple Western is an ideal platform for dose-response measurements in drug development studies, with high throughput, speed, sensitivity, and accuracy. Simple Western can cut through the noise associated with matrix effects commonly seen with ELISAs, but also dissect out key changes in not only target abundance, but also target degradation or post-translational modifications. Together, this can afford researchers a deeper, and more accurate understanding of how their compound affects the target.


In this webinar, you will learn how Simple Western Charge and Size assays can be leveraged for accurate dose response measurements in a variety of applications including pharmacokinetic assays and targeted protein degradation (TPD).