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Webinar: The Simple Western: A Fully Automated, Quantitative Alternative to the Traditional Western Blot

Webinar Summary

Tired of running gels and washing blots? ProteinSimple has introduced the Simple Western™, a fully automated walk-away solution that is a gel-free, blot-free, and hands-free reinvention of the Western blot for protein separation and characterization. It delivers reproducibility and true quantitation while addressing the major challenges that researchers face on a daily basis—unreliable data, delayed time to results, reduced productivity and, ultimately, more costly research programs. Whether you're doing protein research in biotech, pharma, or academia there is a Simple Western application for you. Join us to learn more about the instruments that run Simple Western assays and see for yourself some of the possibilities in protein, vaccine and clinical research.



David Voehringer, Ph.D., Sales Director, ProteinSimple