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Webinar: Simple Approaches to Monitoring Biopharmaceutical Purification with MFI

Webinar Summary

Sub-visible particle analysis using micro-flow imaging is critical to monitor biopharmaceutical product quality and safety. Compared to older techniques which only provide particle size and count and can undercount, MFI also provides particle morphology. As a result, MFI can resolve complex particle types such as protein aggregates from silicone oil and other contaminants.

During purification of biologicals, complex particle environments are common. In this webinar, Aaron Noyes, Scientist at Pfizer, will show how MFI presents a fresh approach for characterizing biopharmaceutical production processes of mAbs and vaccines. Case studies focused on flocculation, precipitation, and filtration will demonstrate how measuring particle size, count and morphology can enhance process understanding, improve productivity, and ultimately, increase the robustness, of biopharmaceutical production processes.


Aaron Noyes, Scientist, Purification Process Development, Pfizer

Angelica Olcott, Product Manager, MFI, ProteinSimple