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Webinar: Prognostic and Predictive Biomarker Identification using Simple Plex

Webinar Summary

In cancer research the identification of reliable biomarkers for targeted therapeutic approaches is essential for the development of personalized strategies that drive more-effective clinical decision-making. This scientific progress is dependent on our ability to accurately and reproducibly identify potential drug targets or biomarkers, which demands higher quality data than can be achieved by traditional ELISA.

In this webinar, Kim Leitzel will discuss how he and his research team use Simple PlexTM assays on EllaTM for their biomarker-driven oncology research. Overcoming therapeutic resistance with treatment regimens that are based on the monitoring of novel serum biomarkers is their ultimate goal and Kim will discuss how Ella is helping them lead the way.


Kim Leitzel, Msc, Senior Scientist, Penn State University