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Webinar: Particle Characterization Ensures Quality Therapeutic

Webinar Summary

Sub-visible particles lie in wait during product development, ready to impair product stability when you least expect it. But how can you catch them before they act? In this webinar, Angelica Olcott will show how MFI can help you quickly screen for sub-visible particles during development and manufacturing. Sensitive image-based detection can quantitate silicone oil and translucent protein aggregates that older pharmacopeial methods, like LO, can miss. So if you're only using LO for USP <787>, you'll miss out on critical product quality and safety information.

Discussion Topics:

  • Quickly screen during development and manufacturing for sub-visible particles such as protein aggregates and silicone oil
  • Use particle classification to evaluate product quality and stability


Angelica Olcott, Product Manager, MFI, ProteinSimple