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Webinar: Cell Therapy Development with Non-Viral Gene Engineering

Webinar Summary

Gene engineering of immune cells has become a powerful tool for creating cellular therapies. Currently, this critical step is primarily performed using virus-based gene delivery systems (e.g. lentivirus). However, virus-based engineering methods are plagued with long lead times, inconsistent batches, low cargo capacity, and high costs.

Recently, advances in non-viral gene engineering methods, including transposon-based systems, have provided developers with an alternative gene engineering method that addresses these limitations. Utilizing a “cut-and paste” method of gene delivery, transposon-based systems are capable of stable genomic integration. TcBuster™ is one such transposon-based system.

In this webinar, we will present data demonstrating both T cell and NK cell gene editing using the technology, including:

  • How the mechanism of transposon-based gene engineering systems address the current challenges virus-based systems face
  • What is TcBuster and how does it work
  • How TcBuster compares to other delivery platforms for primary immune cells
  • How TcBuster can be adopted into your pipeline as a research use or GMP compliant system