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Webinar: Micro-Flow Imaging Delivers the Need for Speed in Particle Classification

Webinar Summary

Discussion Topics

  • Fast and easy setup for automated protocols with the BOT1
  • Create unique analysis filters to easily separate complex mixtures like silicone oil and protein
  • Analyze multiple sample runs or projects using one or more analysis filters


In this webinar, you will learn how the new MFI software simplifies and automates particle analysis. First we'll show you how easy and fast it is to create Bot1 batch protocols using a repeat step. Then using case study examples, you'll learn how to develop unique custom filters for analysis of complex particle samples containing silicone oil and protein aggregates. Once you have the custom filters we'll show you how to apply them to multiple samples instantaneously. Don't miss out! Discover how to analyze particles and protein aggregates in record time!


Angelica Olcott, Product Manager, MFI, ProteinSimple