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Webinar: Innovation x2 from ProteinSimple - Introducing Turbo CE-SDS and MauriceFlex

Webinar Summary

CE-SDS on Maurice is now 5X faster with the Turbo CE-SDS cartridge, thus increasing throughput while providing great data quality.

The first part of this Technical Seminar dives deep into the applications of Turbo CE-SDS on a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, showing you how you can make informed decisions about your samples and proceed from phase to phase with confidence. The second part introduces MauriceFlex™, the new and upcoming CE instrument that offers fractionation with a simplified workflow in addition to icIEF and CE-SDS analysis, so that you can characterize your charge isoforms using peptide mapping, mass spec, or any assay of your choice without using laborious techniques like IEX.


Chris Heger, Ph.D.
Director of Applications Science
ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne Brand

Kefei Wang, Ph.D.
Senior Product Manager
ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne Brand