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Webinar: icIEF Charge Variant Fractionation and ZipChip-MS based Characterization

Webinar Summary

A thorough characterization of a biopharmaceutical drug candidate is critical during development to attain the ultimate goals of commercializing a safe and efficacious therapeutic for patients. An important regulatory requirement is to characterize charge variants. The traditional technique used by Maurice icIEF users is to develop an ion exchange chromatography assay, collect fractions on a semi-prep column and analyze them using a mass spectrometer. ProteinSimple has developed a fractionation capable icIEF solution and is collaborating with 908 Devices in charge variant characterization using their ZipChip device connected to a mass spec, providing a complete workflow for charge variant analysis.

The presentation will include the analysis of a monoclonal antibody along with the NIST mAb and will present icIEF fractionation and characterization data. In addition, there will be a brief overview of the capabilities of the ZipChip.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The new charge variant characterization solution
  • How this solution will offer workflow enhancements
  • The capabilities of the ZipChip

Presented by Scott Mellors, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, 908 Devices
Nagalakshmi Sooriyanarayanan, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Bio-Techne