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Webinar: Socially Distanced Experiments: The Importance of Single-Lab-Accessible Automation in Driving High-Quality Proteomics Research

Webinar Summary

With social distancing measures still enforced in large parts of the world, many researchers must minimize time in the lab where they may be exposed to others. To press research forward in this restricted environment, a strong demand has emerged for automated tools that can run experiments and generate data autonomously in the physical absence of a user. Towards this end, Simple Western™ benchtop platforms are the only systems on the market that fully automate the steps of a traditional western blotting workflow, providing highly quantitative and reproducible data on 24 samples in only 3 hours. Following 30 min of simple sample preparation, the capillary-based Simple Western will independently perform the analysis to completion without user intervention. Once completed, the high-quality data automatically appear in the built-in analysis software called Compass for Simple Western. Furthermore, Compass for Simple Western enables remote access so that users can retrieve and analyze data without the need to return to the lab. The functionality of Simple Western is further enhanced with RePlex™, which performs two sequential immunoassays in the same capillary in as little as 5 hours, getting you even more data from your samples and reducing the cost per result. These advantages make Simple Western the ideal solution for performing cutting-edge proteomics research while minimizing time in the lab.



Chris Heger, Ph.D., Director of Applications Science for the Analytical Solutions Division of Bio-Techne