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Webinar: Exploring the Charge Heterogeneity in Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus with Imaged Isoelectric Focusing

Webinar Summary

Recombinant Adeno-associated Virus (rAAV) is one of the leading platforms for monogenic disease therapy. One of the attractive features of rAAV is its wide tropism, owing in part to its surface property where charged amino acids are not conserved. In addition, charged regions are involved during its transduction of host cells. As a result, the characterization of its charged surface is necessary for understanding rAAV function. Here we present the exploration of the rAAV’s charge profile and give a fingerprint of the charge profile, thus demonstrating the potential application of charge fingerprinting for formulation development under elevated temperature and pH stress.

  • Analytical challenges for formulation development of AAV
  • Important analytical considerations in selecting the right tools for the characterization of viral vectors
  • Applications of capillary electrophoresis techniques in the analysis of viral vectors
  • An exploration into what works now, why, and what directions they would like to see the field take in the future, from our experts in analytical development- formulation works by icIEF