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Webinar: Differentiation of Protein Particles and Silicone Oil Droplets by Micro-Flow Imaging

Webinar Summary

Discussion Topics

  • Effective detection of sub-visible protein aggregates
  • Using MFI as a quality control method in a GMP environment
  • Particle classification of protein aggregates and silicone oil


Characterizing sub-visible particles, including protein aggregates, is now required to ensure both quality and stability of protein therapeutics. Micro-Flow Imaging is ideal for particle characterization because it uses dynamic imaging for direct particle detection. This technology enables rapid quantification of particle size and shape for tens of thousands of particles per sample and the sensitivity to detect translucent protein particles. As a result, MFI analysis provides the ability to rapidly classify protein aggregates and other particle types such as silicone oil and extrinsic contaminants. In this webinar, Daniel Weinbuch will present how to use filter analysis on MFI to accurately classify particles, such as silicone oil and protein, based on shape and image intensity.


Daniel Weinbuch, Scientist, Coriolis Pharma

Angelica Olcott, Product Manager, MFI, ProteinSimple