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Webinar: Current Industry Perspectives on Monitoring of Protein Aggregation in Biopharmaceuticals

Webinar Summary

Join us for a panel discussion on current approaches used to detect and monitor protein aggregates using MFI throughout the product development and commercialization process for therapeutic proteins and peptides. During the discussion, industry experts will review analytical methods and discuss how data on protein aggregation is being used in regulatory submissions of biopharmaceuticals.

Topics include:

  • Use of MFI imaging-based technology for characterization of sub-visible particles, and sensitive detection of protein aggregates at >2 microns
  • Monitoring biopharmaceutical quality and safety using sub-visible particle analysis with MFI
  • Immunogenicity concerns relating to protein aggregates
  • Control strategy for protein aggregation using MFI in biopharmaceuticals and vaccines


Lillian Li, Associate Scientist in Formulation Stability Platform, Sanofi Pasteur

Mario Hubert, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb

Zahir Akhunzada, Ph. D., Research Scientist, PPD, Analytical & Bioanalytical, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Amber Fradkin, Ph.D., Scientist, Amgen