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Webinar: COVID-19 Symposium: Research Tools From Bio-Techne

Webinar Summary

Coronavirus research is picking up pace across the world but due to social distancing measures tools that provide accurate results in minimum hand on time are the need of the hour. Bio-Techne has developed many tools to help researchers study and fight the virus that will be covered today. This symposium is divided into four talks, beginning with a discussion on COVID-19 related proteins in the first session followed by antibodies, analytical tools for serology and small molecules and ISH assay.


COVID-19 Symposium: Talks on Research Tools From Bio-Techne


Time Stamp
From Spikes to Proteases: New Coronavirus Proteins from Bio-Techne 2:08
SARS-CoV-2 Interactions: Detecting, Blocking, and Assessing the Immune Response with Bio-Techne Antibodies 35:45
Approaches for Basic Research and Serological Assay Development for COVID-19 Using Bio-Techne Automated, Open Platforms. 01:01:45
Small Molecules and RNAscope® RNA ISH Technology for SARS-CoV-2 01:27:47



Anthony Person, Ph.D., Senior Director, Proteins at Bio-Techne

Steve Orstad, Product Manager, Antibodies at Bio-Techne

Annegret Boge, Ph.D., Senior Director, Western Business Unit Leader at Bio-Techne

Suruchi Arora, Ph.D., Product manager, SEA and ANZ at Bio-Techne