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Webinar: Comparative Evaluation of the Simple Plex Immunoassay with other Multiplexing Technologies in a Biological Context

Webinar Summary

Quantitative measurement of proteins is essential for evaluation of biomarkers and biological processes, yet this common technique is impractical to evaluate multiple proteins, owing to cross-reactivity, poor reproducibility and lack of sensitivity. Simple PlexTM technology offers a new alternative to multiplexing through its spatial separation of target analytes into distinct microfluidic channels, and the ability to automate the analysis within a low volume cartridge. In this webinar, Paulomi Aldo will present results from her recent study to characterize and validate the Simple Plex platform for protein biomarker detection in human and complex samples. Comparative methods such as Luminex showed trends similar to Simple Plex, across a wide range of human and rodent sample types. Overall, Simple Plex demonstrated significant benefit over common multiplexed technologies in terms of low sample volume requirements, greater sensitivity and dynamic range, and time savings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Comparison and data analysis of different multiplexed immunoassay platforms for detection of biomarkers.
  • Advantages of the Simple Plex platform versus other multiplexing technologies in the multi-user environment of a core facility.
  • How Simple Plex eliminates the challenges of cross-reactivity, assay optimization, and poor reproducibility inherent in multiplexed immunoassays.


Paulomi Aldo, Research Associate, Yale University