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Webinar: Best Practices for Multiplex Western Blots

Webinar Summary

As scientists look to get more and more data from each precious sample, being able to multiplex and quantify multiple proteins in each sample is becoming increasingly important. Simple Western™ automated capillary immunoassay platforms offer several strategies for getting accurate multiplexed and normalized immunoassays including a new stripping & reprobing-replacement called RePlex™.

In this webinar, best practices for designing multiplex western blots will be described that were obtained through numerous projects performed at We-Met functional biochemistry core facility at Inserm. In particular, we will present strategies for using RePlex to design multiplex western blots and to perform an immunoassay followed by a total protein assay in the same sample to get accurate, normalized quantification of target proteins.


Alexandre Lucas, PhD.

Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases - Inserm (I2MC)Toulouse, France

Alexandre Lucas is the founder and manager of a functional biochemistry platform at the Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases - Inserm (I2MC) in Toulouse, France. The services offered on this platform revolve around 3 main areas: the study of proteins by Simple Western, the discovery of biomarkers and metabolic phenotyping in living cells. Alexandre's PhD and background are oriented around the study of proteins and cardiac and metabolic cell signaling. He has worked in several institutes including EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg), Inserm in Paris and since 2010 in Toulouse.

Dr. Chris Heger

Director of Applications Science - Analytical Solutions Division of Bio-Techne

Dr. Chris Heger, Director of Applications Science for the Analytical Solutions Division of Bio-Techne, received his doctoral degree in Pharmacology from Cornell University and completed his post-doctoral training at the National Cancer Institute in Antibody Development, Purification and Technology Evaluation.
Chris joined ProteinSimple in 2011, starting as a Field Applications Scientist, and subsequently further building the East Coast support team as Field Manager. During these years, Chris developed a broad but deep understanding of the instrumentation and their application across diverse research areas. In 2016, Chris moved to California to lead the Applications Science group, chartered with creating scientific collateral, fostering collaborations, training, and application development. Chris is an expert in immunoassays, capillary electrophoresis, protein and antibody purification, and chromatography.

Jenny Mai

Moderator - Product Marketing Specialist at Bio-Techne

Jenny Mai is a Product Marketing Specialist for Bio-Techne Western Business Unit. Her passion is to help scientist innovate, automate, and deliver data-driven, high-throughput, reproducible results. With a background studies in biology at UCSD, and over 5 years’ experience marketing antibody reagents and custom antibody development services, she will help find the answers to your multiplex western blotting immunoassay demands and what solutions Simple Western, RePlex, and Total Protein Normalization can offer.