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Webinar: Panel Discussion: Going Serum-free, Animal-free in Cell Culture

Nov. 16, 2022 - Webinar: Animal Free Cell Culture

Webinar Summary

Interested to make the move to serum-free, animal-free Cell Culture? Meet the experts! Dr. Yas Heidari, Bio-Techne’s European product manager, Dr. Jeffrey Bajramovic, Head of the 3Rs Centre at the University of Utrecht, and Dr. Carol Treasure, founder of XCellR8 discuss the importance of going animal-free in cell culture and its challenges in this recording of the live streaming show, Altertox TOXstreams.

If you are ready to create your animal-free system, explore Bio-Techne’s complete collection of serum-free and animal-free cell culture reagents, including animal-free RUO proteins.

Our animal-free RUO proteins are certified to be 100% free of animal components and they are manufactured using the same systems as our animal-free GMP-grade proteins. Request a Free Sample.