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Webinar: Advances in Clinical Immunoassays: Applications in Oncology and Ophthalmology

Webinar Summary

There is a critical need for sensitive and highly specific immunoassays for clinical samples using minimal sample volume. We established the new Simple PlexTM platform in our immunoassay lab. This microfluidic system allows a very sensitive quantitation of proteins in a small sample volume by using a parallel detection system. With this parallel approach, in contrast to multiplexing, cross-reactivities of detection antibodies and negative effects on sensitivity of the assays are prevented. Assays have already been validated for clinical use for more than 20 analytes in our lab, especially for cytokines and angiogenic markers. Assays have been tested extensively in plasma and ocular fluids, especially for the use in Oncology and Ophthalmology. Our experience highlights the exciting potential of the Simple Plex technology for clinical applications.


Dr. Marianne Manchester-Young, Head, Immunoassay and Metabolites Lab, Roche Innovation Center Basel

Dr. Martina Thier, Head, Immunoassay Lab, Roche Innovation Center Basel

Isabelle Wey, Technician, Immunoassay Lab, Roche Innovation Center Basel