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Webinar: 4th Virtual Bio-Techne Targeted Protein Degradation Symposium

Webinar Summary

Our free Targeted Protein Degradation Symposium covers new developments at the cutting edge of this exciting field. Hear from leading scientists on a range of subjects, including the latest insights into profiling cullin-RING ligases, Degraders as selective chemical tools, bivalent molecular glue Degraders, natural substrate recognition motifs for cereblon, direct-to-biology PROTAC® synthesis, and orally bioavailable clinical candidate PROTAC Degraders.


Activity-based profiling of cullin-RING ligases
Brenda Schulman
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Development and validation of PROTACs as selective chemical tools
Stefan Knapp
SGC Frankfurt

An intramolecular bivalent degrader glues an intrinsic BRD4-DCAF16 interaction
Oliver Hsia & Angus Cowan
University of Dundee

Insights from a decade of research on orally bioavailable PROTAC degraders at Arvinas
Erika Araujo

Natural recognition motifs for the E3 ligase adapter cereblon
Saki Ichikawa
Harvard University

Direct-to-biology accelerates PROTAC synthesis and the evaluation of linker effects on permeability and degradation
Charles Hendrick

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