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Webinar: Introducing ACD's New RNA-Protein Co-Detection Assays

Webinar Summary

Learn more about ACD’s new Co-Detection Assay which will allow researchers to simultaneously examine cell-type specific gene expression and identify cellular sources of secreted proteins. The new workflow and reagents will allow inclusion of wider range of antibodies to be combined with RNA ISH enabling researchers to acquire more data and conserve precious samples.

Learning Objectives:

Combining RNA and Protein enables researchers to

  • Characterize cell type-specific expression
  • Identify origin of secreted proteins
  • Visualize cell surface markers with RNA of interest
  • Visualize RNA binding proteins and their target RNA
  • Dissect regulation of gene expression
  • Antibody validation and specificity confirmation 
  • Expand research in oncology, neuroscience, developmental biology, infectious diseases and more