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Video: I See Particles

Video Summary

See particles and protein aggregates for the first time with MFI. Lately, regulatory agencies have been focusing on sub-visible particles because of the risk they pose to patient safety. See how MFI's accurate reporting of particle size, shape and concentration can help you address these new regulatory requirements. Washing, rinsing, and sampling are automated allowing for overnight runs and repeatability.

See particles and protein aggregates for the first time with micro-flow imaging (MFI) technology. It's brought to you by ProteinSimple.

Sub-Visible Particles And MFI

Did you know sub-visible particles are important to regulatory agencies?

Lately, they've been focusing on sub-visible particles and protein aggregates because of the risk they pose to patient safety.

MFI can help you address these new regulatory requirements.

MFI can identify the following sub-visible particles with ease:

  • protein aggregates
  • silicon oil droplets
  • air bubbles
  • other foreign sub-visible particles


MFI Versus Other Micro-Flow Imaging Options

So, why is MFI your best option?

Well, not only does it generate high-resolution images of each particle, it also reports particle size, shape, and concentration.

It's completely automated and operates overnight to handle those heavy workloads.

Even better - you get reproducibility designed for quality control.

MFI allows you to confidently determine levels of protein aggregates so you can design protein formulations that minimize aggregate formation.

Traditionally, light obscuration has been the method of choice, but it can give you false information.

MFI gives you accurate quantitation of translucent protein particles, so you can get a clearer understanding of your protein formulation.

About Our MFI Instruments

So, how does MFI work?

As the sample moves through the flow cell, MFI captures images and analyzes every particle. The system is precisely aligned for high sensitivity.

Every particle is analyzed in real-time for particle count, size, transparency, and morphology.

Viewing data and creating reports is easy. Simply set parameters to filter your data for size, intensity, and shape.

Now, you can differentiate particles such as protein aggregates, silicon oil droplets, air bubbles, and other foreign particulates.

Well, what about workflow? Nobody likes spending their day loading samples. Why not free yourself from tedious manual pipetting?

MFI automates washing, rinsing, and sampling, so you can walk away or let your experiments run overnight. Even better, automation increases repeatability.

Let MFI help you address new regulatory requirements with detailed information on sub-visible particles. MFI truly is the ideal system for the most demanding labs.

Learn more about MFI.