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Virtual Poster Collection from ProteinSimple

Novel icIEF Fractionation Coupled with ZipChip CZE-MS for Rapid Charge Variant Characterization

Presented by Dr. Cheng Zhou


Cutting to the Chase: Enzymatic Workflows for Easy Characterization of Complex Glycoprotein Charge and Size Variants on Maurice

Presented by Dr. Priyanka Sarkar


Charge Characterization of Viruses and Virus Like Particles (VLPs) Using icIEF with UV Fluorescence Detection

Presented by Dr. Jiaqi Wu


Characterization of Maurice CE-SDS PLUS for USP <129> Suitability

Presented by Dr. Pouya Amrollahi


Concentrating on AAV Impurities With Ultrasensitive Total Protein Detection on Simple Western

Presented by Dr. Chris Heger


Simplifying AAV Protein Analytics with Maurice

Presented by Dr. Chris Heger


A Single Platform for icIEF and CE-SDS Analysis of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) for Gene Therapy

Presented by Dr. Chris Heger


In-Capillary Immunoassay and Total Protein Detection for Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Proteins During Purification from Whole-Cell Lysate

Presented by Dr. Chris Heger


Detection of MISEV recommended EV Protein-Markers using Automated Western Blotting

Presented by Lisa Meyer


Determination of Antibody’s Specificity Towards Phosphorylated Protein Targets with Automated In-capillary Enzyme Treatment and Immunoassay

Presented by Dr. Daryl Taketa


Profiling Immune Cell Populations in the Tumor Microenvironment with Complementary Capillary-based and Single-cell Western Assays

Presented by Dr. Charles Haitjema

Novel Approach for Automated Sequential Immunoassay for Quantitation and Characterization of PI3K/AKT Pathway Proteins

Presented by Dr. Jessica Dermody

Multiplexed Protein and RNA Quantification on a Single Instrument Harmonizes Multi-omic Analyses of Biomarkers for Immunotherapies and Targeted Therapies in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Presented by Dr. Chris Heger