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Size and Charge Based Analysis of ERK1/2 and 4E-BP1 Using Automated Capillary-Based Systems for Nanoscale Protein Analysis

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Aberrant expression and signaling in the EGF signaling cascade is a common occurrence in a variety of cancers including breast cancer. Understanding how EGF signaling impacts disease progression is key to the development of novel therapeutics. Analysis of ERK1/2 and 4E-BP1 expression in cancer samples frequently employs Western blot analysis. In-depth phosphorylation analysis often requires 2D gels which are extremely variable and labor intensive, followed by MS analysis. In this study, novel, capillary-based technologies by ProteinSimple are used to evaluate changes in signaling proteins. Size-based as well as charge-based separation techniques were utilized, each of which is followed by immunoassay detection.

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