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Simple Western Analysis of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Proteins for Cell and Gene Therapy

Application Notes

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During AAV manufacturing, critical quality attributes must be monitored, including the presence, identity and purity of viral vector proteins. Traditionally, the identity of these proteins is monitored by Western blot using sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). However, Western blotting is notoriously challenging; it’s labor-intensive, suffers from poor reproducibility, and is only semi-quantitative. For this reason, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGTC), an independent center of excellence at the forefront of technology and innovation for cell and gene therapy commercialization, is adopting next generation technologies to advance quality control (QC) of AAV-mediated gene therapy. In this application note, you’ll see how CGTC has used highly-specific antibodies exclusively manufactured by PROGEN with fully automated Simple Western™ assays to monitor and characterize AAV capsids during product purification.

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