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Simple Plex Validated for Biomarker Analysis in Immuno-Oncology Studies (2017 Cytokines and Inflammation Conference)

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Designed to eliminate limitations of existing immunoassay platforms, Simple Plex assays utilize a low volume µfluidic cartridge format and are run in automated fashion on the Ella instrument, enabling sensitive measurement of up to 4 analytes in about an hour. Here we describe recent external immuno-oncology studies evaluating Simple Plex assay performance for biomarker measurements from a range of sample types. Dynamic range, sensitivity, and reproducibility were all important test criteria in these studies evaluating dysregulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and expression of immune checkpoint targets and downstream mediators. Results demonstrated consistent sensitivity at low picogram/mL levels with 10% CV or less, a 4-5 log dynamic range across all sample types, and significant time savings versus traditional ELISA. Overall, Simple Plex assays enabled more sensitive detection, in a quarter of the time, from a quarter of the sample volume for measuring single or multiple analytes.

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