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Rapid Biomarker Analysis in Human Serum using Simple Plex

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The standard ELISA techniques used to detect protein biomarkers in the serum or other biological samples often exhibit low sensitivity, analyte cross-reactivity, and poor reproducibility. To eliminate these limitations for multi-analyte or single analyte detection, the Simple Plex platform uses a novel µfluidic format for a low volume assay offering rapid and sensitive analyte detection. Here we demonstrate the efficiency of this strategy for biomarker screening in blood serum and other sample types using both the multianalyte cartridge (16 samples for 4 analytes) and the new single analyte cartridge (72 samples for 1 analyte) on the Ella instrument. The workflow demonstrates the speed and ease of the validated assay setup, with no manual washes and the use of factory-generated standard curves. Specific examples will then show the high level of sensitivity and reproducibility for analyte detection in serum/plasma.

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