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Quantification of Cyclin D1, Cyclin D2, Ikaros, Aiolos and Cereblon Proteins by Capillary Immunoassay in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma and Analysis of Their Impact on Patient Survival

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Multiple myeloma has been comprehensively analyzed using high-throughput genomic technologies. Although a large number of biomarkers have been described, most of them were not subsequently validated at the protein level. In fact, the unresolved difficulties in studying the proteome have made the quantification of messenger RNA (mRNA) an indirect measure of protein expression. However, many studies have shown that levels of mRNA cannot be used as surrogates for protein levels. The amount of myeloma cells obtained after purification of patient samples is usually very limited, which precludes the possibility of quantify protein levels using standard Western Blot analysis.

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