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Proteins for Stem Cell Culture Guide

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Most stem cell research depends on the ability to isolate and culture different stem cell types and induce their differentiation in vitro. This can be technically challenging due to: 1) the need to establish optimal culture conditions that support stem cell health, expansion, and differentiation at the appropriate time, and 2) confirm that these conditions are reproducible, so that researchers know they are working with consistent cultures from one experiment to the next.

Growth factors are some of the most important components of stem cell culture media. These factors need to display high levels of activity, minimal lot-to-lot variability, and be free of contaminants to support optimal, reproducible stem cell culture conditions. R&D Systems rigorous in-house testing and quality control specifications are designed to ensure that our proteins provide superior performance, high purity, and high lot-to-lot consistency, so you can have confidence in their ability to promote robust stem cell expansion and differentiation with minimal variability between cultures. In addition to our research-grade proteins, we also offer a wide selection of Animal-free Preclinical and Animal-free GMP-grade proteins, which are manufactured using the same systems to ensure a seamless transition from preclinical research into clinical manufacturing.

Download this brochure to discover the key benefits of our proteins for stem cell culture and learn how these products can reduce challenges with consistency, supply, and scalability in your stem cell research and therapeutic programs.

Stem cell culture proteins outlined in this guide include:

Proteins for Stem Cell Culture Guide