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Novel Live-Cell and Fixable Mitochondrial Probes

by Paul Wood et al..

Scientific Meeting Posters

MitoBrilliant™ Dyes for Flow Cytometry and Imaging

Mitochondrial function and cell health are altered in many disease states and can be investigated using fluorescent probes that accumulate in mitochondria. Presented at CYTO 2022, June 2022, Philadelphia, USA, this poster reports the development inhouse and characterization of novel fluorescent mitochondria stains, known as MitoBrilliant, which specifically localize to mitochondria due to mitochondrial membrane potential. These probes harness Janelia fluor® technology, conferring on them some of the properties of Janelia fluor dyes, including brightness and photostability. The data demonstrate the specificity and enhanced properties of our MitoBrilliant dyes, their suitability for live or fixed cell staining, and their use in a range of applications, including flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.

Novel Live-cell and Fixable Mitochondrial Probes