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Immune Cell Isolation & Culture Product Guide

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Immune cell isolation and culture are being increasingly utilized for both basic research aimed at investigating the functions of different immune cell types and expanding specific immune cell populations for therapeutic purposes. From natural killer cells and T cells to macrophages and dendritic cells, we offer products that will improve the performance and consistency of your experiments.

For gently sorting single cells or target cell populations, we have added the Namocell Pala single cell dispenser to our instrument portfolio. Pala is compact and incredibly simple to use, allowing single cells or rare cell populations to be gently sorted in any lab. For isolation of specific immune cell populations, we also offer R&D Systems™ MagCellect™ Cell Isolation Kits, which utilize ferrofluids to enrich cell populations by positive or negative selection without the need for specialized columns.

Once you’ve isolated your cell type of interest, utilize other products from our cell culture portfolio to optimize your immune cell cultures, including our wide selection of RPMI 1640 and DMEM cell culture media, classic fetal bovine serum, and R&D Systems™ recombinant proteins. With over 30 years of experience, R&D Systems rigorous in-house testing and quality control specifications ensure that our proteins will provide you with industry-leading bioactivity, purity, and lot-to-lot consistency for optimized immune cell culture, expansion, and differentiation. In addition to our research-grade proteins, we also offer a wide selection of Animal-free Preclinical and Animal-free GMP-grade proteins, which are manufactured using the same systems to ensure a seamless transition from preclinical research into clinical manufacturing.

Download this brochure to discover the key benefits of our immune cell culture products and learn how these products can reduce challenges with consistency, supply, and scalability in your immune cell research and therapeutic programs.

Immune cell culture products outlined in this guide include:

Immune Cell Isolation Brochure