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Introducing MauriceFlex - A Novel Platform for icIEF Fractionation of Antibody Charge Variants

by ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand. Bio-Techne

Application Notes

Application Notes Summary

MauriceFlex Spotlight Highlighting ICIEF fractionation workflow for antibody standard

The MauriceFlex™ system is a new and innovative Maurice platform featuring icIEF-based fractionation for collecting protein charge variants, enabling downstream analysis of these variants with techniques such as mass spectrometry (MS). Compared to IEX-based fractionation, MauriceFlex fractionation is fast, with pI-based resolution, and overcomes some of the limitations of direct coupled cIEF-MS, such as the need for a dedicated interface and incompatibility of the background electrolytes with the MS. The MauriceFlex system also conducts routine icIEF and CE-SDS assays, making it a multi-functional instrument.

In this spotlight, we demonstrate the fractionation workflow with MauriceFlex and intact and peptide mapping analysis by LC-MS using a NIST mAb sample. You will read about how:

  • High purity fractionation of charge variants can be obtained in a single day
  • A single fractionation run provides sufficient charge variant fractions for intact mass analysis
  • With enrichment from pooling fractions from multiple runs, charge variants can be analyzed with LC-MS peptide mapping








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