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High Throughput IEF Analysis Using Hands Free cIEF

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Sample preparation for cIEF analysis requires protein formulations to be modified with carrier ampholytes, pI markers, and other additives prior to injection. This can pose challenges, as some proteins are chemically unstable when exposed to highly basic environments, undergoing degradation reactions when stored under these conditions for extended periods. The onboard sample preparation feature of the new iCE3 IEF Analyzer can elevate preparative artifacts such as protein degradation by facilitating just-in-time (JIT) sample preparation. The automated sample preparation capability of the iCE 3 also has added benefit of reducing operator to operator variability. This feature can be implemented with either a 96 well plate or a 48 position standard vial tray. In this poster we demonstrate the results of automated sample preparation of 96 samples in a 96 well plate and compare them to the results using manual sample preparation.

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